Cogent Technologies


Infrared Ink Drying for Mailing & Packaging

Cogent Technologies is a leading manufacturer of infrared-based heating systems for the print media and graphic arts industries. Our product offering includes a number of solutions for customers looking to add infrared drying systems resulting in increased line speed, production, and efficiency.


Cogent Technologies speed-dri 5061

Speed-Dri – The Speed-Dri Drying System provides instantaneous infrared and convection technologies to dry ink printed on target areas up to 4″ (102 mm) wide. Dependent on application specifics, web speeds of up to 350 ft./min. (107 m/min.) can be achieved using the Speed-Dri Model 5060.

Cogent Technologies IR lamps

IR Replacement Lamps – Cogent Technologies provides IR replacement lamps for all current and past Research Inc. inkjet drying systems.